May, 201019

Check Out The All New BMW 5 Series First (Special Insider Preview)

Part 1

0 Check Out The All New BMW 5 Series First (Special Insider Preview)

Part 2

0 Check Out The All New BMW 5 Series First (Special Insider Preview)

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Comments on “Check Out The All New BMW 5 Series First (Special Insider Preview)” (18)

  1. Robert

    Love it…..

    It looks fantastic…

    Thanks Peter…


  3. Antony

    Very informative and nothing less than I would expect from BMW. However, for us superficial hollywood types it would have been nice to see a 360 walk around view at the start. You know how much we love beauty on the outside.

  4. Pete

    Hey Peter,
    Excellent job. My thanks to you and Jacob for previewing the new 5. It looks great. Can’t wait to see it in person. Is it available for sale now?

  5. Scott Montgomery

    Enjoyed the video. My wife and I are interested in seeing, driving and possibly purchasing a new 5 series. When can we see it? Thanks Scott Montgomery

  6. Imad Ishmael

    amazing, speachless, surely one of a kind, welcome back 5 we missed you, i will be there in 18 month when my lease end on my 09 M3 ;-) will it be a good contander? Maybe the 550i

  7. amazing car. i have owned 4 5 series and everyone keeps getting better and better. i want the 2011. would have liked to see the entire outside of the car and the entire inside.

  8. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the preview, the car has beauty and intelligence. Just found my next car.

  9. rajiv

    impressive!! when is it available and what would be the apprx lease pmnt 36 months

  10. sweta

    cool car ….:)

  11. Nice! Thanks for visiting my blog!



  12. This is one beautiful automobile! I’d be afraid to even put my boys on the same driveway as it!

  13. Hai.. These look good. great presentation, i love this Thanks.

  14. Apple

    Thanks for the presentation

  15. Jerry

    Can’t wait to have this car. It just looks so amazing.

  16. Ken

    What I like most is its exterior. It looks very masculine. I love its lining and it looks very neat.

  17. Tom

    The New BMW 5 Series is gonna be my new favorite. Thanks for the preview.

  18. George

    BMW 5 series is extremely amazing! I agree, from the looks of it, the shoulder line makes it a lot stable, “very sturdy”…And what more, 3D navigation, Real-Time Traffic and Parking Assistance features exude superiority . And did I mention about the N55 Twin Power Turbo Engine very fast!!!

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