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Kogi BBQ Truck Part 2… Visits South Bay BMW

0 Kogi BBQ Truck Part 2... Visits South Bay BMW

Mark and Peter head back to the Los Angeles BMW dealer to reassess the situation.  At South Bay BMW, Peter has one last trick up his sleeve, but waits till after he reviews the GT 550 to reveal his surprise.

Peter shows that the  550  GT has many of the same features you would you find in the 7 series, yet the price range is about 15 to 20 thousand dollars cheaper.  The backseats are equipped with electronic adjustments and each headrest has its own screen.  The truck is versatile as it opens like a regular trunk as well as a hatchback.

After some time on the road, the search is over.  The Kogi BBQ truck is brought to the Los Angeles BMW dealership and Peter and Mark get a taste of what has been a phenomenon throughout Los Angeles.  Everyone enjoys the tasty fusion of Korean BBQ and Latino style in one delicious taco.

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  1. Jean

    Wow, the GT550 is very spacious and flexible. It’s just gonna be perfect for families and kids.
    As usual, South Bay features their best cars and thanks for letting us have a peak on them. And finally, you got Kogi guys. This is it!

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