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I Phone vs Blackberry

0 I Phone vs Blackberry

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  1. wendy w

    I love my blackberry.. but alas it isnt a model certified by BMW.. you ask how can this be, isnt bluetooth a standard protocol?? Apparantly bluetooth isnt standard on Beemers…

  2. Julie

    LOVE my iPhone!!!

  3. Brian

    iPhone…NUFF SAID!

  4. alexisonfire

    Blackberry? that phone is still alive? Even their “iPhone Killer” the Strom was a flop and are offering 2 for the price of one. iPhone FTMFW

  5. Pam Jones

    I PHONE !! Hands Down ! Best for everything! No contest !!

  6. Henrich

    I love Iphone and a fact, that its so compatible with my BMW bluetooth…. I love it:-)))

  7. one more time

    Iphone has better features and capabilities than blackberry; what sucks is AT@T

  8. K Grace

    I Phone…. wish I had one.

    Mark… You do look good…. and Peter … Did you just get back from Hawaii?

    Can’t wait to us the online service reservation… great idea.

    All the best,


  9. K Grace

    I Phone…. wish I had one.

    Mark… You do look good…. and Peter … Did you just get back from Hawaii?

    Can’t wait to use the online service reservation… great idea.

    All the best,


  10. Brian P.

    I love my iPhone. Its seamless integration with iDrive makes it a no-brainer. And with all the free apps you can get for it, what else would you want?

  11. The iPhone 3GS 100%, the BMW loves it, syncs the whole address book everytime I press the start button and you can even save your favorite phone numbers on the fav buttons of the dashboard!

  12. Robet


    You two are fantastic and full of fun…

    Poor Mark he is just not the technical…

    I have the Black Berry so I am going to give Mark my vote… Because I hate AT&T

    I think we need to talk about getting you both under management contract and shop you both around Hollywood…

    Thanks you guys……….. love the show is great….

  13. Beth

    Peter and Mark – you both look Fabulous!
    I have an older Blackberry and have been considering a Iphone…..what to do!

  14. Howard

    I just traded my Blackberry for an iPhone. Both paired well with the iDrive in the 335. The iPhone is actually enjoyable and easier to use. I could never figure out how to use all the features on the Blackberry, constantly asking the younger office, and my teenagers, for help.

  15. Jo

    I used to have a Blackberry, but I recently change it to an iPhone. Much easier to use and I love the never ending applications. Would never trade my iPhone for anything. To all of you who can’t decide “Beth” whether you should get an iPhone, I suggest you do.
    Nearest store to buy an iPhone from South Bay BMW is on 182nd and Hawthorne Blvd. :) Ask for Jerome Felix to give you the best deal on iPhones……..

  16. Mark wins hands down – the Blackberry. It not only does what the iPhone does that’s important in life (who in their right mind watches TV on a phone? We have a 65″ TV…) BUT it is more durable, the screen doesn’t crack, it’s easier to type email on and people don’t keep stealing it from you. It’s a secret weapon.

    The Blackberry is superior. And so is my ’89 Red 325i convertible. Thanks to the service guys at South Bay BMW for fixing it for me. :)

  17. Peter & Mark, you guys had me thinking about “Who’s on First” about halfway through your clip. You were both great, as were the hot Bimmer in which you were filming and the magnificent Blackberry held so proudly and demonstrated so aptly by Mark. Peter, your demo was good, no doubt about that. But it plainly required much less effort than Mark’s demo of the Blackberry, a fact that we should not overlook. He simply would not give up while the technology was crashing all around him, and that’s a quality I have to respect. Plus, by rights we have to take wardrobe into account if considering all of the true production values of the piece. Mark’s suit and tie are both sharp and businesslike, the perfect sartorial selection for demonstrating an essential business tool. Peter’s attire, though sharp, is definitely tending toward the casual, subliminally suggesting that the iPhone is more of a recreational, nonbusiness accessory, as Blackberry users such as I know it to be. So, as impartial and objective as I obviously am, I mustneeds cast my ballot for Mark and his trusty Blackberry.

  18. LBFixie

    IPHONE all the way.

  19. Bryan

    I had an iPhone for a year. Few months ago moved to BlackBerry and now see why it is the corporate standard. iPhone is fun to play around with, view some apps and just simply mess around. If you want to do serious e-mail or texting or calling, the iPhone cannot compete.

    Think of it this way. The iPhone is the sexy convertible that is fun to drive, while the BlackBerry is the Ford 150 pickup truck that is used for heavy hauling and work-related tasks.

    I still use both phones, but if I have to carry one, I choose the BlackBerry.

  20. Dave

    Blackberry Bold which works fine w/BMW Bluetooth

  21. iPhone… Easy to use, amazingly simple, intuitive, and beautiful design. One doesn’t need any manual and can operate the iPhone. I used to love all the high tech phones before, Nokia N95, Sony Ericssons, Blackberries etc… I was against the iPhone, but deep inside I knew it’s very well done. Eventually I broke down and got it. And I’d never go back to the “high tech” phones that I used to love.

    Sorry Mark, even though you say you like to use your phone “the old way”, it’s because it’s too complicated to do some stuff. With the iPhone, believe it or not, you would look like a super high tech man!!! ;-)

  22. John Kim

    Peter&Mark looking good(sharp)^0^
    Blackberry and Iphone they are both nice
    but, I don’t know which one is better?

  23. Ged Connolly

    That was hilarious…so apparent Mark uses his phone for the basic features (like most of us) and Peter lives on his iPhone (Peter do you sleep with it?) I have a blackberry and it has worked very well for me, however, with all the cool apps being introduced for the iPhone I will be switching for sure, actually shopping for one today.

    Thanks for the entertainment you really do make a good comedy duo. G.

  24. Ged Connolly

    Update…I bought the iPhone 3GS yesterday and was blown away by how simple it is to set up and use compared to my Blackberry…this phone (I think it actually does it a disservice calling it that) makes it easy to use features available on other phones that were just too complicated to use or took too long to learn (and yes I am very technically savvy). Now I see what all the fuss is about…it’s amazing.
    The apps features puts this phone lightyears ahead…you can even download an app that turns it into a piano…try playing Mozart on a blackberry :)

    Early days of course, but my vote goes to iPhone hands down.

  25. KIm

    I love my BLACKBERRY, touch screens suck!!!!

  26. mark

    Seriously? Come on. First off, both the blackberry and the iPhone don’t work well with my new X5. Have two names in your address book with the same phone number? BMW only shows one name. Go figure. Husbands and wives can have the same home phone number. So can 10 people at the same company… BMW can’t get that right in the X5? It worked fine in my 06 750.

    Then enter my wife’s new Expedition Limited. BMW should go out and buy one to see how to integrate a phone (iPhone or Blackberry) into a car.

    Lastly, “Show me the money”? Really? That was cool about 15 years ago.

  27. Kat

    Blackberry!!! Touch screen phones are the worst for typing emails!!!!

  28. Shelia

    IPhone and Beemers is there anything else?

  29. Gary Kassardjian

    Last October I bought a 750LI and my phone was working great with the system in the BMW.But now I got the new G3 it is not competable and I cannot use my phone in the car,please advise,thank you.

  30. OK, well as a service to all I’ve gone ahead and hired PriceWaterhouseCoopers (I’m an alum) to count all the votes above and give us the unbiased results. Here they are:

    Mark’s Blackberry: 29

    Peter’s iPhone: 1

    Note: The landslide results above are surprising, to be sure, but I typed this message using an iPhone’s touchscreen and as is well known it’s not nearly as accurate for data entry as a Blackberry’s keyboard.


  31. Pete Vallianos

    I need an iphone with T-mobile service, and the battery life of my BlackBerry. The winner isn’t here yet.

  32. Trace D.

    I am Mark’s grandson. You always say that i’ll be a great debater but that was weak. I would go with blackberry but not because of Mark and Peter. I’ve met peter a whole bunch of times, and he’s super nice. But I can’t stand AT&T. So yep. That’s all. I Love you Mark.

  33. admin

    Trace – I happened to know your grandfather is an expert at his blackberry and he was only foolin with Peter.

    He loves you a whole bunch

  34. admin

    I would love to help you out. Please call 310-939-7318 and ask for Tammy.

  35. Phil B

    Dad- you and peter are naturals!!!! Until iphone is available by verizon, I vote blackberry…..

  36. PLB

    Great video Peter and Mark…I have to say that I like simplicity which is why I do not personally own either phone. I do think that each has its benefits and I have been tempted to get both. However I am going to stay with my basic cell phone in which I can talk and text until such time that I “must” get a blackberry for work. The iphone would be a personal choice should I just want to join that club. And MLB…a bowtie?????

  37. Josh

    LOL! Blackberry all day, But I must say, iphone apps are cool!

  38. Evan

    iPhone is great except if you are a heavy email/texter, the virtual keyboard will drive you nuts. Also, the battery is horrible and if you buy a 80 dollar juicepack, you’ll double the time, but you’ll carry a brick around too. Love the iPhone apps, but if you’re all business, Blackberry is the clear winner. Try the Blackberry Tour — its awesome. If it only had WiFi….

  39. Todd

    I am considering the iPhone when I finally get out of my Verizon contract in December (worst customer service I’ve ever had from any company). I have a 2006 325i coupe. What are my options for having an iPod or iPhone hook up to my stereo system?

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