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BMW M3 vs. Segway

0 BMW M3 vs. Segway

Segway versus a BMW M3? Riiiight.

The web is full of comparison articles. These range from useful reviews (“Which MP3 player is best if I’m too cheap to buy an iPod?”) to the downright nerd-tastic (“Who would win, the Borg Cube or the Imperial Star Destroyer?”) and on nearly every point of contention in between. You get two people who are into a subject, and they’ll inconvenience trillions of electrons on the Internet to prove their point.

This one’s a bit different than that. Most of these comparisons are comparing like to like. Spaceships to Spaceships, gadgets to gadgets, cars to cars. We’re now about to cross over into the a zone beyond comprehension – comparing apples to, well, apples.

In Los Angeles, there was recently a head to head competition between a BMW M3 roadster, and a Segway HT i180. Racing for pink slips. You’ll need to watch the video above to see who won. After you’ve done that, read on. We’ll wait.

OK, so now that you’ve watched that, let’s talk about some of the other points of comparison. While the M3 isn’t exactly an SUV, it also has a big advantage on cargo hauling. A Segway might be able to carry a box at the driver’s feet or let him carry a backpack. Also, if you’re looking to avoid sunburn, or getting wet in the rain, the M3 is a clear winner on that contest.

However, there are other advantages to the Segway. First, let’s talk about the biggie: Parking. Ever tried to park your hot car in the cubical in your office? In some offices in the Beach Areas in Los Angeles and Orange County, the number of guys with Segways in their cubicals outnumbers the people without.

We’re also going to look at miles per gallon (equivalent). Everyone’s talking about cash for clunkers, and how we’re trying to boost the average mileage and all that. A Li-Ion battery Segway can run about 15 miles off of a single charge, which is great if you’re that close to where you need it. The older NIMH battery ones have about 60% of that range. So there’s a clear winner on cruising range. On the other hand, the cost for a complete charge on a segway is about six cents of electricity in most parts of the US. The cost of 15 miles out of the M3 is, with current gas prices, just about twenty five times that. Plus there’s the other added factors to car ownership as well.

One place where there’s a clear winner, though, is babe magnet. Did you see how the girl with the flags was draping over the Segway driver in this video? That, my friend, is the killer feature of the Segway.

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  1. Jimmy C

    That is awesome…love South Bay BMW

    Funny Video

  2. Lee

    This video is awesome! It is entertaining and funny.

  3. conwizzle

    I thought the excelaration of the flag girl was amazing! Although I was suprised to see how fast the segway actually was, nothing funny about how fast the M3 is…Dual clutch reigns supreme.

  4. Lisa Brucker

    ……… how much fun is that video…hilarity and love the M3, yummy. Can’t wait to see more. Ps, was that a real mall cop? funny stuff.

  5. LBFixie

    Pete! You crack me up! Tammy, you may have missed your calling as a Flag Girl! Much Love to both of you! Great video!

  6. Josh A

    LOL! that was too funny! Nice shirt Peter! Where can I buy a Segway?

  7. admin

    I want an M3

  8. MotoMatt

    After seeing this video it makes me wonder why I never owned a Segway awesome video…GO PETER!

  9. Steve


    Besides being a great GM, I think you should also think about getting into the big screen. Impressive…………..

  10. laker4life!

    i think southbay rocks!!!!!!!! that was very funny…….

  11. Seniorguy

    Extraordinarily funny…one of the true Great Races of the Century…even for pinks…LMAO…

  12. Jessica

    Southbay BMW Rocks!!

  13. Tammy, I think you’ve always got a backup gig with NASCAR! As for the contest, clearly the M3 will result in less smoke inhalation, heat exposure, and road rage directed at you on the 405. Plus, a helmet is only needed in the M3 if you are a badass like Peter channeling Mario Andretti.

  14. HAHAHA…. Classic! He is a pro on that Segway. Maybe a little too good. Southbay BMW Rocks!!

    Daniel K.

  15. Timeless

    South Bay Is So Fun. Where was this filmed? South bay, LA, or Orange County?

  16. Sofi

    Ha ha, I bet you guys had fun. Peter you are a natural in front of the camera and Tammy is so cute. I want to race too….. ;0)

  17. stacy

    You all did a great job. Peter and Chris are hysterical. Tammy is too cute. Love the part when Peter rides off on the segway. Who was the cute kid in the background?

  18. MONIFA


  19. Eric

    that video was hilarious. guess its time to trade in the bimmer for a seqway…….. yeah, riiiight.

  20. VMP

    This video is awesome! I only deal with best thank you South Bay Bmw.

  21. Larry

    That was pretty funny. Miss you guys!

  22. AJ

    Wow the M3 moves faster than i expected. I think this video depicts how enthusiastic and outgoing our GM really is and as a result the customer service at southbay bmw is nothing short of Peters personality. Tammy u look cute lol. Cool video guys!!!

  23. freddyg

    Nice job but I think it was the driver

  24. RH

    Very funny! Thank you for doing this. It shows why South Bay is a great place to buy a car!

  25. ashley

    If you ever have a re-match, I volunteer to drive the Segway!! That M3 is GORGEOUS!

  26. JC

    How come he got to go home with a segway? doesn’t the loser get to go home walking?

  27. John Kim

    so funny^0^ Peter and Tammy and mall cop acted very well^0^
    If you need any extra please let me know I will do it^^

  28. Larry J.

    iPhone by far — for me no comparison !~!!

  29. Larry J.

    Thanks So. Bay ….

  30. i’ll know that i’m wealthy when i have a segueway (sorry bmw!)

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